Promoting conjugal chastity and NFP

From John F. Kippley, co-founder of Natural Family Planning International, Inc. (edited):
Maybe God is telling us something. Millions of prayers and sacrifices did not persuade the majority of Catholics to vote against the pro-abortion, pro-free-contraception, pro-same-sex marriage, anti-religious-freedom agenda of the Democratic Party platform. All too obviously, the election did not give us the hoped-for reprieve from the Obama birth control mandate.

Maybe God is telling us that he is not the dues ex machine of the theater who swoops in at the last minute to clean up the mess we have made and have refused to clean up. The culture war engaging the Church today is like football. No matter how glitzy the uniforms and how excellent the quarterback, you don’t win championships without excellent basics – blocking and tackling. You don’t win culture-war battles without good preaching and teaching.