Priests reflect on Connecticut tragedy, gun control

The following are commentaries by two Catholic priests on the horrific mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Father Phillip De Vous wrote (slightly edited)
In the wake of a tremendous tragedy involving a horrifying loss of life in Newtown, it should be enough for us to offer our prayers for the dead, support for the living, and charity to those in need of all manner of assistance. The tragedy of the school shooting in Connecticut, which is inhumanity at its utmost, deserves a thorough human response, a response from the heart. Yet, once again, one of the most disturbing aspects of political leftism is its dehumanizing tendency to use tragedy and crisis to inject a political program. The fact that the left’s first response to this horrific tragedy is to use it to campaign for one of its preferred policies – gun control – is a sign of a one-dimensional reality that deifies politics and dehumanizes persons.