Wantedness has become the arbiter of life and death

A British wag would say, Royals have babies. We commoners have fetae. The very sad fact is that “wanted” preborn children are granted personhood and life. The “unwanted” are consigned to a cruel death and burial in a garbage can. Wantedness has become the arbiter of life and death, personhood or being a nonentity, the widening experience of living or maceration and body parts.

This isn’t lost on the surviving children. Small wonder they struggle to please then give up in disgust, or suicide.

Moreover, as the uterus enfolds the placenta, so the mind naturally holds and wants to nurture the tiny infant. The mind and body must work in concert. Thus, it is fair to assume that every woman to some degree wants, accepts, and struggles to protect her baby. It is also right to assume every woman must grieve the loss of her baby whether she said she never wanted it or not. But now the difficulty for the post abortion mother is that her grief is mixed with guilt and lik