Alumni Protecting Notre Dame’s Catholic Identity

We are pleased to announce the election of Bill Dempsey (’52) as Chairman of the Sycamore Trust Board and of Ed Adams (’63) as President, the re-election of Joe Reich (’57) as Vice President and of George Heidkamp (’52) as Secretary/Treasurer, and the appointment of Tim Dempsey (’89) as Executive Director. We continue this bulletin with a summary of Sycamore’s goals and policies and close with close with Notes about Bishop D’Arcy’s illness.

Re-elections to complete the leadership team:

Joe Reich, a 1957 Notre Dame graduate and former President of the Notre Dame Alumni Association, continues as Vice President, and George Heidkamp, the long-time President of his class of 1952, as Secretary Treasurer.

In addition, Elizabeth Kirk (JD ’96), and Dr. Susan Biddle Shearer (PhD ’88) were re-elected to three-year terms. They continue to serve along with the other board members David Bender, Jr. (’78), Arina R. Grossu (’06), Dr. Thomas S. Hibbs (’83, ’87), Dr. Daniel McInerny (’86), Rev. John J. Raphael, SSJ (’86), Lisa Scapellati (’81), and Robert Schmiege (’83, ’86)

Biographical details for all board members are provided on our website.

Sycamore Trust’s Goal and a Response to Criticism.

Our mission from the start has been:
to provide a source of information, a means of communication, and a collective voice to Notre Dame alumni and others in the Notre Dame family who are concerned about preserving the Catholic identity of the University.