‘Forty Years of Abortion in This Country Is a Disgrace’

I am happy to see so many of you here today. Your optimism and enthusiasm are inspiring. Yesterday, Jamila Evans, in charge of our women’s and pro-life campus ministry, did an interview with Catholic TV. She said that the pro-life cause is the issue of your generation. So it is.

On Tuesday, we lamented 40 years of abortions since Roe v. Wade made the practice a constitutional right. We mourned the loss of 55 million lives. We grieved for women cornered or shamed into having abortions. And we decried the ambition of the abortion industry – a business so corrupt that it demonized the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation rather than lose funds or implicit support.

Today, you and I and hundreds of thousands of other marchers are going to remind our elected officials, our courts and the American public of the greatest offense against human rights that has been committed since the collapse of totalitarian regimes that killed tens of millions of people in Europe and Asia. We are right to grieve.