The Wages of Unfaithfulness

I have written earlier of what I believe is a direct correlation between the decline of America and the “great falling away” of her people from the religious faith, which historically was a part of the foundation of the country.

Deny it, if you like, but it does not change the facts, the TRUTH.

Since the Second World War, when returning GIs brought something called “moral relativism” from Europe to America, there has been a struggle between the secular side of America and the religious side of America. The secular side-the side that rejects religion and religious considerations has been consistently gaining ground. Sad to say, ofttimes their advances were made with the assistance of many in the clergy.

Today we recognize moral relativism as “political correctness.” Since creation, there has been no greater evil spawned by Satan and delivered upon earth from the deepest bowels of Hell itself.

The very definition of deception, political correctness has saturated American society.