Women in Combat

The final brutalization of women, the final victory for the feminists is at hand. First we were told that women must leave home and go into the work force. Those who stayed at home were parasites. We needed day care because raising children was not the job for an educated woman. Next, pregnancy kept women from achieving success in business, reaching the top. Women must suppress their fertility with contraception and abortion. In other words, women must become men if they wish to achieve equality with men in the workplace.

We’ve seen the weeping and regret of those who followed that advice, who stifled their fertility and sacrificed their children. Women who waited to have a baby until they had established their careers and now find out it’s too late. Studies show that for all the success that women have achieved, they are less happy, less satisfied with their lives, and less satisfied with their relationships with the opposite sex. For all the advice that “you can have it all” hasn’t panned out. Apparently “having it all” doesn’t include happiness. (Adam and Eve After the Pill by Mary Eberstadt.)