Letter to Hon. Reince Priebus, Chairman Republican National Committee

The 2012 Republican Party Platform, adopted by our National Convention, states emphatically:
“Congressional Republicans took the lead in enacting the Defense of Marriage Act, affirming the right of States and the federal government not to recognize same-sex relationships licensed in other jurisdictions. The current Administration’s open defiance of this constitutional principle . . . makes a mockery of the President’s inaugural oath.. . . We applaud the citizens of the majority of states which have enshrined in their constitutions the traditional concept of marriage. . . .

“The institution of marriage is the foundation of civil society. Its success as an institution will determine our success as a nation. It has been proven by both experience and by endless social science studies that traditional marriage is best for children . . . .”
We expect all Republican officials to support the Platform. The endorsement of same-sex marriage is not acceptable.