Understand, Explain and Defend Marriage

Quotes from the “Toolkit on Marriage” produced by the Catholic Conference of Illinois

A Child’s Parents
It is difficult to overstate the significance of a child’s need to know his or her parents. The desire to know the identity of, and bond with, one’s biological parents is built into the design of the human person. This truth is made plain in the human experience. It is obvious in the void left when a parent has been lost to a child either through abandonment, divorce, or death, and this topic is a recurring theme in literature and other media outlets.

Redefining Marriage
By attempting to redefine marriage, the state would inculcate in its citizens the belief that marriage is not concerned with reproduction or the rights of children to be bonded to their parents. Instead, marriage would be perceived solely as the function of the romantic interests of any group of consenting adults. This change in the law would communicate that there is no essential benefit to having both a mother and a father, and that, ultimately, the roles of the two parents are identical and that either could be discarded without harm. It is a direct attack on fatherhood and motherhood and ignores a child’s optimal fulfillment in being raised by mother and father.