The real Civil Rights Movement…

Following are excerpts from a letter from the Coalition of African American Pastors. It is an eloquent defense of marriage and the family. Included in the letter is a plea for help to send people to the March for Marriage in Washington on March 26, 2013

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The very day that President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, I immediately held a news conference condemning his position. And in addition to the president endorsing same-sex marriage, during the election, his Republican opponent refused to take a firm stand for marriage between one man and one woman. Today, some politicians see marriage as a political “hot potato” and choose silence over doing what is right for marriage.

This is a time where character, courage, endurance, and faith in God are being tested. Proponents of same-sex marriage have glossed over the facts in an effort to divert from the truth. The overwhelming response from the American public to same-sex marriage is quite contrary to the way the main stream media presents the narrative. As Christians the Bible is clear regarding this transgression as well as a multitude of other transgressions in our lives. God is opposed to all sin; He is no respecter of persons. Yet this particular sin is consistently argued and resisted by proponents of homosexuality. Few will argue that murder, extortion, lying, theft, etc. are wrong. But for decades the American public has been berated by individuals who want to impose ‘their’ own unique belief system unto the citizenry. And sadly, it has now evolved into a so-called ‘civil right’ issue, literally hijacking the true definition of the historical Civil Rights movement.