On the honoring of President Obama – “I’d do it again.”
Rev. John I. Jenkins,C.S.C.

NOTRE DAME, IN -In this bulletin, we revisit the university’s interdiction of contributions to the Fund to Protect Human Life (the “Original Fund”) and show how it continues a long line of actions that belie the school’s claim to be “unwavering” in its pro-life stance.

First, though, we provide a statement about pro-life at Notre Dame by Professor Carter Snead, the director of the Center for Ethics and Culture and of the new ND Fund for Life (the “New Fund”). Professor Snead is admirably qualified and fiercely dedicated to the pro-life cause. Please read the statement. It is too long for us to reproduce here and does not address our principal concern, the perniciousness of the university’s action. As to that, we rely upon our prior bulletin.

Looking to the future, Professor Snead vows to continue the Original Fund’s projects and describes plans for other initiatives and collaboration with other campus organizations. (We welcome especially the news that the able Angela Engelsen is now Pro-Life Activities Manager of the Center and also the offer to assist donors in earmarking their gifts.)

While Professor Snead acknowledges that the Original Fund “has done great good for the cause of life here at Notre Dame and in the public square, ” he predicts that its demise “will cause no disruption or diminution of Notre Dame’s pro life witness.”