The Gosnell Horror is What Abortion Is

The horrible truth that the National Abortion Federation or Planned Parenthood or any other abortion apologist wants to hide is that Kermit Gosnell is not an outlier. Earlier this year, a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher died when “something went wrong” with an abortion of her unborn child. The woman was reportedly 33 weeks pregnant. And the doctor who performed this abortion, a full two months after the 24-week viability line, was the celebrated-and I do mean celebrated-Dr. Leroy Carhart. Dr. Carhart is the chap who bravely fought both the Nebraska and federal ban on “so-called” “partial birth abortion”-you have to use scare quotes, you know. Carhart expanded his practice into Maryland a few years back in order to bring his specialty-killing babies well after the point that they could live separate from their mothers-to a larger, more diverse population than his old midwest practice.