When you say ‘Gay marriage is inevitable,’ do you mean rich people want it?

You have no doubt heard the news that gay marriage is inevitable. The New York state legislature redefined marriage in 2011. Rhode Island redefined marriage earlier this week. Delaware just removed the gender requirement from marriage. Minnesota is poised to vote on the issue this week. This steady drumbeat of state legislatures changing the definition of marriage as it has been known for millennia surely must show that so-called gay marriage is inevitable.

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what exactly people mean when they say this? Here is what I think:

“Gay marriage is inevitable” means that the rich people of both parties have decided that we are going to have genderless marriage.
Back in 2008, during the Prop 8 campaign, the two sides spent roughly equal amounts: about $40 million on each side. The Yes on 8 campaign had 100,000 volunteers, people of modest means from both parties. The opponents of Prop 8 simply couldn’t match the volunteer effort. In that roughly fair fight, the people won.