The tragic reality of ‘covert euthanasia’

Pope Francis has spoken about the tragic reality of “covert euthanasia.”

From a May 6, 2013 Catholic News Service story:
While the fight to preserve life is often centered on abortion and capital punishment, the future Pope Francis also warned against a more subtle form of disregard for human dignity: what he called ‘covert euthanasia.’

‘In this consumerist, hedonist and narcissistic society, we are accustomed to the idea that there are people that are disposable,’ among them, the elderly, then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio said in a recently published book.

Citing examples of intentional neglect, the future pope said: ‘I believe that today there is covert euthanasia: Our social security pays up until a certain amount of treatment and then says ‘May God help you.”