Scott Lemieux, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Andrew Cuomo; Abortionists Douglas Karpen, Cheryl Chastine

First, the outrage of the day, courtesy of The College of Saint Rose, supposedly “[r]ooted in the Roman Catholic intellectual and spiritual tradition.”

From the Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Daily (May 14):
College of Saint Rose assistant professor of political science Scott Lemieux argues … that the Gosnell case calls for greater access to abortion, not less.’

‘The best way to prevent future Gosnells is to treat pre-viability abortions like the ordinary, safe medical procedures they in fact are, not to engage in sexist moralizing,’ writes Lemieux. ‘Enacting more regulations that make safe, pre-viability abortions more scarce would be precisely the wrong lesson to take from it, and would mean more Gosnells, not fewer. Making abortion safe, legal, and accessible for all women is more important than ever.’