Should we bring back young marriage?

The following comes from a May 24 story in Catholic World Report.
Marrying young isn’t for everyone, but there are good reasons it should be considered.

How controversial is the idea of marrying young? Just ask Julia Shaw. When her essay on early marriage, “Marry Young: I got married at 23. What are the rest of you waiting for?” appeared at Slate April 1, not only did it provoke a number of angry, personal comments, but one reader even tracked down Shaw’s work number to call and yell at her.
The general thought in society today is that marriage should be delayed to allow for greater maturity and until the parties are “established.” Some argue, however, that there are compelling reasons to reconsider young marriage, including biological reasons. But for young marriage to be successful, other things about the way marriage is prepared for, viewed, and treated by society at large must also be revisited.