Feast of St. Charles Lwanga and His Companions – June 3

Someone called my attention the other day to the fact that The Feast of Charles Lwanga and his companions, the Young martyrs of Uganda-was the day that Illinois declared same-sex marriage legal. Don’t let the subterfuge of civil unions fool you – civil union is what Illinois-in any other circumstances – calls marriage.

Now there was a tremendous irony in the juxtaposition of the occurrences. Let me explain-Charles Lwanga and his companions-some of whom were Anglicans (Episcopalians) were among the first of the Africans to become Christian.

It wasn’t that long ago. Africa has become so Christian-so Catholic-that they are now sending missionaries to America-we who thought we knew it all. Well it seems that we need the help and religion of those who only three generations ago were worshipping false idols-as we do now in America. We must be totally grateful for the faith of the Africans and their desire to help us maintain what is left of ours.