Catholic bishops of the Philippines teach U.S. bishops a lesson

According to UCA News, an independent Catholic news agency in Asia, the most senior Catholic bishop in the Philippines vowed on June 5 to “block any attempt to pass new laws on divorce and same-sex marriage in the Philippines.” Regarding divorce, it is disheartening to see the contrast between the leadership of the Catholic Church in the United States compared to the leadership in the Philippines.

In the United States, if any married Catholic person is dissatisfied with his or her marriage for any reason whatsoever, the civil law system can be used to force a divorce on the faithful spouse and children. The government divorce courts routinely remove the faithful spouse from the everyday-lives of their children and force the faithful spouse to pay thousands of dollars of support to the marital abandoner who lives in a separate home with the children, where the faithful spouse is not allowed to enter. Millions of children have their fathers forcibly removed from their home by civil divorce orders, despite the fact that these men were decent husbands and good fathers.