George Weigel on Catholic charities partnering with pro-abortion groups

“I think there was a sense that we could sup with the devil if the spoon were long enough,” is how Catholic author and commentator George Weigel spoke of the ongoing purging of Catholic charities’ partnering with objectionable groups.

For decades, Canada’s Development and Peace, America’s CRS, CCHD and Catholic Charities USA, France’s Secours Catholique and other official Catholic aid agencies have courted scandal by partnering with actively pro-abortion and pro-homosexual groups on various social justice or other aid projects. However, in recent years the Vatican has begun to reform the agencies on the order of Pope Benedict XVI.

In the final days of his papacy, Benedict XVI issued the apostolic letter “On the service of Charity” directing bishops to ensure Catholic charitable agencies, especially those run by the Church, are always faithful to Church teaching, and if not, that they be stripped of the name “Catholic.”