Pope Francis: If You Care for the Environment, Protect Human Life

On Wednesday, Pope Francis treated an audience to a homily to mark UN World Environment Day. Instead of kowtowing to left-wing environmental issues, the Pope talked about how important it is to value human life.

“When stock markets drop ten points its ‘a tragedy’ but starving children, homeless people dying on our streets, people disposed of like trash – such as the unborn or the elderly – has become the norm,” he said.

Pope Francis continued: “This is the result of a culture of waste, of our being unable to ‘read the signs’ of God’s creation, His free gift to us, and of allowing money and not man rule society. A culture of solidarity should prevail over our culture of waste, because when we care for and cultivate creation – including the human person – when we share our resources, we all have enough.”

His full address appears below: