Cardinal Burke: Families Must Proclaim the Gospel of Life

The family is the central way of proclaiming the “Gospel of Life,” a top Vatican official said this week during a weekend-long celebration of Blessed John Paul II’s letter by that name.

In the family “children witness the Gospel of life in the relationship of their parents with one another and in the relationship of the parents with them,” Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke said in remarks delivered at a conference held during the commemorative event. Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, said “A new reading of the Encyclical Letter must be at the core of the observance of the Year of Faith.”

Dr. Douglas Sylva chaired the conference, which was sponsored by C-FAM, publisher of the Friday Fax, in conjunction with the Pontifical Council on The New Evangelization. Sylva is Chairman of C-FAM’s board of directors.

Pope Francis celebrated Holy Mass commemorating Sunday, June 16, as a day to remember the Gospel of Life, which was made known by John Paul II in his letter Evangelium Vitae, arguably the most authoritative and complete denunciation of abortion and euthanasia.