Tolerance Is A One-Way Street at Chicago’s Roosevelt University

An interesting lawsuit is making its way through the courts about a student who was kicked out of a doctoral program at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Since the story paints a clear picture of how proponents of the LGBTQI (etc.) agenda behave, it’s doubtful you’ll learn about it through the dishonest press which is as determined to hide the truth as Pravda and Izvestia were in the old Soviet Union.

The facts of the case certainly don’t fit the narrative that’s allowed to be reported by most of the big American media outlets. Ms. Gillian John-Charles is the doctoral student; she’s 35, a single mother with two graduate degrees who teaches math in a Chicago public school. Her mistake was disagreeing with the politically left wing Roosevelt University’s party line when it comes to the nature of homosexuality.

Incidents like this one are increasingly familiar to Americans who get their news and information from sources other than places like the Chicago Tribune, the Associated Press, Google News or CNN and CBS. Facts don’t matter; if a news story might have a negative impact on the public’s perception of those pushing the LGBTQI agenda it is not allowed to see the light of day.