Shocking Child Molestation Story

[**WARNING: Not for younger readers.**]

In 2010, the Australian press, as in thrall to the homosexual community as our ignorant, sycophantic America press is, told the foolishly titled story “Two dads are better than one,” about a homosexual couple who went to Russia to adopt a child. These “fathers” described the obstacles they faced in trying to find a surrogate in the U.S. and the scrutiny they faced when they returned to Australia with their child, all because of the suspicions of authorities who feared that two homosexual men might be pedophiles. The article concluded with this heartwarming quote: “‘We’re a family just like any other family,’ [one of the fathers] said with pride.”

Fast forward to 2013. One of these two proud and ostensibly loving fathers, U.S.-Australian citizen Mark J. Newton was just convicted in an Indiana court of “conspiracy to sexually exploit a minor and conspiracy to possess child pornography” and sentenced to 40 years in prison. Newton’s partner Peter Truong awaits trial on similar charges.