‘We are about to sink even lower. God help us.’

Father Fessio laments Supreme Court gay marriage decisions
The following comes from a June 26 interview of Father Joseph Fessio, S.J. by Carl Olson on the website of Catholic World Report.

“They are profoundly wrong and wrong-headed decisions,” Father Fessio stated in e-mail correspondence this morning. “And it is deeply depressing that in each decision a Catholic justice was the swing vote.”

“There is a twofold problem that underlies both decisions,” he wrote. “1) That issues of such fundamental significance for society should be decided by a single, unelected person. That’s what happens when there is a 5-4 decision. 2) That the judges of the Supreme Court who ought to be exemplary for their wisdom as well as their technical knowledge of the law can be completely blind to the obvious: this is not an issue of equality at all. Same sex unions are not in any way equivalent to marital unions.”