Gay “Marriage” and Contraception

In view of the June 26 Supreme Court decisions on “gay” marriage, it is time for serious Catholics to examine how this perverted situation came to pass. Let’s start with the use of the word “gay” and American Life League’s internal style guide. At ALL, we never use the word “gay.” The guide states that the word “gay” is “a euphemism intended to present a positive image of homosexual behavior and downplay its sordid nature-the sexual deviance lobby’s equivalent of ‘choice.'”

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, an expert in this matter, concurs, saying that the word “gay” is a socio-political term, not a psychological condition.

In my day, when Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were tripping the light fantastic, gay was a synonym for happiness. In fact, its primary definition means happiness.

What is happy about homosexuality?