Hosted by Timothy G. Lock, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist & Member of the Board of Directors of Courage International

Courage International is the apostolate of the Roman Catholic Church dedicated to assisting persons with same-sex attractions to live a chaste life in accordance with the teachings of the Church. Courage helps individuals through “Courage groups” (or chapters) in which persons with same-sex attractions gather, under the direction of a chaplain, to encourage one another, share their struggles, and rejoice in their successes. Many members of Courage groups seek psychotherapy in an attempt to understand their attractions and behaviors, and sometimes to work towards healing wounds possibly underlying these attractions.

From a Catholic anthropology or world-view, Catholic therapists can incorporate good Catholic spirituality to enhance and deepen the psychotherapeutic process for persons with same-sex attractions. Last year (2012), Courage International hosted a one-hour meeting of Catholic therapists and the positive response was overwhelming. Many therapists expressed their interest in this type of clinical work, and indicated that there was a huge need for seminars and trainings for therapists.