Sisters in Communism

The far left finally gets religion.

People’s World is the flagship publication of Communist Party USA, and the successor publication to the Daily Worker. It recently carried back-to-back articles that were very revealing of a dubious but old tradition among the American left. To wit: America’s communists have always found allies-useful idiots, dupes-among the liberal/progressive left, the mainstream Democratic Party, and (especially) the religious left. As to the latter, I’m ever reminded of the words of the late Herb Romerstein, who told me: “The religious left; they were the biggest suckers of them all.”

The list of suckers from the 1920s through the end of the Cold War was deep. I know this well, having devoted a lengthy book to the subject, which, incidentally, could be volume one in a multi-volume set. Unfortunately, the duping didn’t end with the Cold War, which brings me back to those two articles in People’s World.