From Under the Rubble . . . Soma for the Sexually Comatose

Folks don’t normally talk about contraception in polite company, they just quietly use it. But during the 2012 election campaign, a sleazy but brilliantly conceived dog-and-pony show made contraceptives a sudden centerpiece of the liberal campaign agenda. The message was simple: “Contraception is good (you’re using it, aren’t you?), but some nasty old rich men (you know who!) want to take it away from you; well, stick with us and we’ll make sure they don’t. In fact, we’ll give you all the contraceptives you want for free, forever.”

In 2012, for the first time in history, an American election was won on the basis of sex – guaranteeing to all the fundamental constitutional right to the boundless pursuit of pleasure paid for with other people’s money.