Catholic Hospital Association Continues to Provide Cover for ObamaCare’s Abortion Funding

At the height of the contentious debate that surrounded health care reform in 2010, negotiations nearly ground to a halt due objections made by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) over abortion funding provisions in the legislation. The USCCB, which is considered quite liberal in the American sense of the word on the issues of health care and health insurance, refused to give its blessing to what would become ObamaCare due to the legislation’s funding for elective abortions.

At the time, ObamaCare appeared doomed. Many Democrats stated that they could not support a health care bill which didn’t include expanded abortion funding, while other pro-life Democrats (such as then-Rep. Bart Stupak and his “Stupak Dozen”) refused to cede any ground and stood with the USCCB.

Just when it appeared that this controversy would end the Democrats’ latest attempt at “health care reform,” the Catholic Hospital Association (CHA) intervened in an attempt to end the standoff.