Reproductive Health Facility

While concern about women’s “reproductive health” is usually coded language for easy access to abortion and contraception, in reality it should just be medical care to facilitate reproduction and health. The Catholic Church promotes this through support of Natural Family Planning and fertility treatments which do not include immoral methods.

NFP requires no drugs, expensive treatments, or devices other than a thermometer; promotes partner bonding through charting, communication, and periods of abstinence; does not affect future fertility; and can actually be used to truly “plan parenthood”! Acceptable fertility treatments do not include artificial insemination, IVF, sperm and egg donations, and surrogate mothers.

Downers Grove is blessed to have a new medical practice that promotes the Catholic vision of reproductive health for women. Anthony J Caruso, MD and Robert C Lawler, MD have opened Downers Grove OB/GYN.

Editors note: Dr. Caruso was a featured speakers at the Catholic Citizens Luncheon in November of 2012.