Pope Francis’ surprise Q&A with journalists flying back from Brazil Discusses the “gay lobby,” the Vatican Bank, curial reforms, and more

Flying back to Rome after the conclusion of World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis surprised journalists travelling with him by holding an impromptu, no-holds-barred Q&A for some 80 minutes. Hopefully we will see a full transcript of the session in English soon (it is in Spanish here); so far the most complete reporting that I have seen comes from Catholic News Service’s Cindy Wooden, here and here.

Pope Francis answered questions about World Youth Day, about the reforms he envisions for the Roman Curia, and about the scandal-plagued Vatican Bank, among other things. The remark that will be get the most media coverage-much of it already skewed, it seems-is about homosexuality. The question put to the Holy Father appears to be about the “gay lobby” allegedly active in curial affairs. From Wooden:

Addressing the issue of the gay lobby, Pope Francis said it was important to “distinguish between a person who is gay and someone who makes a gay lobby,” he said. “A gay lobby isn’t good.”