A Vision of the Anti-Christ: The Harry Potter Series

Editors Note: The Harry Potter series of books and movies continues to grow in popularity. The signs of the damage it has done to society are everywhere. Please read our follow up article, “The Harry Potter Series: The Truth”, as well as the Special Article written by Missionary David Lloyd from Haiti, ” The Harry Potter Series: The Practice of Witchcraft”.

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If there is one thing the Harry Potter series has proven to America and the world, it is that superstitions and witchcraft have a much greater power to captivate than computers, Internet filth, and game rooms. In fact, a great majority of religion and religious activity would not survive the month if there was not the elements of sorcery that much of today’s religion has come to represent. The mystery of the Antichrist is using the many and varied forms of divination and witchcraft to prepare the world for the coming “mastermind.” This mastermind will possess a level of divination powers never before manifest. He will become the “god” of this earth for a short season. The Harry Potter series is a giant step in this scary direction.