Congress is moving forward with its “war on women” by failing to pursue an exemption for them from the draft, according to an analyst whose work focuses on the military and the readiness of the services to defend the nation.

“During the House Armed Services Committee’s markup on the National Defense Authorization bill for 2014, committee members would not even consider legislation to preserve young women’s exemption from Selective Service registration and a possible future draft,” according to the Center for Military Readiness, which is run by Elaine Donnelly.
For now, a lawsuit demanding that women be included in any future draft has been dismissed. But critics say direct and specific exemptions need to be established now for women.

The idea is that treating women as equal to men means allowing them to join combat units, which the Obama administration has been advocating.
Such ranks include the Army and Marine infantry, armor, artillery, Special Operations Forces and Navy SEALs.