Breast cancer related to abortion explodes in Asia; coverup continues in the West

Some epidemic diseases are caused by bacteria, the smallest of living things. Some are caused by viruses: rogue bits of DNA or RNA; non-living, but nonetheless infectious bits of destructive information. We are all familiar now, of course, with computer viruses that act in the same way.

Breast cancer, on the other hand, is one of those “epidemic” diseases believed not to be infectious. But infectious bits of destructive information are viruses indeed, and they don’t need computers to be carriers. The bad information can be in any language.

Suppose one were to introduce cigarettes to a population that had never smoked, along with the instruction: “Smoking cigarettes is not harmful to your health.” That sentence, embodying false and destructive information, would-just like a molecular virus-surely cause an epidemic of lung cancer in due time, would it not?

Here’s another example: “Abortion does not increase your breast cancer risk.” This particular strain of the “safe abortion virus” can be traced back to at least 1982 in Oxford, England, and it has now spread worldwide.

The awful news is it is now poised to claim the lives of millions of women in the world’s most populous nations. Let me explain why.