Fighting Back: Newark Abp. Myers Blasts False and Malicious Reporting In NJ Media About Old Abuse Case, We Uncover the Facts

In an open letter last week to all of the priests of his archdiocese, Newark Archbishop John J. Myers responded to “false” and “deceitful” reporting that has characterized the recent frenzied media coverage of a case involving Myers’ supervision of a now-dead priest decades ago in the 1990s in the Diocese of Peoria (Illinois) when he was a bishop there.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger newspaper – which has relentlessly attacked Archbishop Myers this year – has claimed that Myers did nothing after he received first-hand knowledge that a priest under his watch in Peoria was accused of abuse.

In truth, after a thorough examination of the matter by, the facts are clear: Myers, while he was Bishop of Peoria, had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of any sex abuse committed by the particular priest in question, and the Star-Ledger has uncritically trumpeted the unfounded claims of Jeff Anderson, the high-profile contingency lawyer who has an extensive history of disseminating misinformation and malice against the Church, and who has been at the center of a money-seeking lawsuit in this case.