The Big FIB of Homosexuality

The question often comes up about whether homosexuality is a sin, or as it’s known today, is being “gay” wrong? One can’t answer such a question until the terms are defined, because there are many levels of personal temptation and involvement. Like many behaviors, it’s not a quick process.

There are essentially three steps as a person goes down this road. The first is realizing an attraction to people of the same sex. These feelings can be strong or minimal, may be very confusing, and are frequently disheartening. In the absence of the wisdom of Scripture, today’s world of sexual idolatry and immediate gratification can easily lead a person astray here. We are told in many implicit and explicit ways that refraining from any impulse is “denying who you are.”

Christianity challenges this phony and manipulative premise at its core. We are not our sins, and people are capable of making moral and ultimately, far better choices that take us to far better places.