When Children Become Trash: Baby Thrown Away in New Jersey Trash Can Rescued

There are times when the evil of procured abortion becomes obvious and the Nation is shaken.

While the eyes of the Nation turn toward the hearings concerning military intervention in Syria, I read a heart wrenching account of a newborn baby found in a trash can in Jersey City on Saturday, August 31, 2013. That’s right; a newborn baby was intentionally placed in a trash bag and then left in a trash can behind a five story apartment building on Kensington Avenue. Obviously, the child was left to die by a mother who did not want him or her. It causes a reaction of disbelief or anger doesn’t it? It should also cause us to examine who we are becoming.

Fortunately, teenage boys were hanging out behind the apartment building that Saturday afternoon. They heard the baby cry and saw a trash bag moving. They ran inside to tell the building superintendent, Arturo Rivas. He called 911. Accompanied by his wife, Rebecca Womers, they ran outside, ripped open the bag, and found the little baby boy.
Those teenage boys saved a child.