Pope Francis and the Church’s Witness Against War

Pope Francis and the Church’s Witness Against War (919)
Several days ago, Pope Francis condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria and called for a negotiated settlement of that ferociously fought civil war, announcing that he would lead a worldwide day of fasting and prayer for peace on Sept. 7.

He also made it quite clear, at least to this author, that he decidedly disfavors resorting to arms as a solution – instead launching his moral suasion, personal witness and public and private diplomacy against U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposed intervention (also being entertained by France, although Great Britain has rejected it).

Intervening militarily, however “targeted” or “limited” that intervention is intended to be, can only cause more death and suffering for the people of Syria and quite possibly precipitate a much greater conflagration in the Middle East and beyond that is horrifying to contemplate.