Unpacking the Pope’s PR Debacle – What Happened and What It Means for Pro-Lifers

In an age of confusion, ambiguity serves further confusion and provides the enemies of Christ with a means to further their own agenda.

A Critique of the Pope’s America interview:
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When NARAL namely the National Abortion Rights Action League thanks a Pope for anything you know that something went seriously wrong somewhere.

This is just one of the outrageous and incredible responses the secular world and the enemies of life have made in the last 5 days to certain statements Pope Francis made in his America magazine interview.

Before I go any further in this critique there is much good in what the Holy Father says. Moreover, let me also say it right now I honor and respect this pope. I believe he is a true holy man of God and his pontificate (still very new) has the potential to bring about great good for the Holy Catholic Church and the world.