Multiple Challenges Loom for Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate

Even as the Affordable Care Act hurdles towards full implementation, legal challenges to the requirement compelling employers to offer contraceptive services in their health insurance plans demonstrate Obamacare is anything but settled law.

According to the Thomas Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, some 74 lawsuits with over 200 plaintiffs representing hospitals, universities, businesses, and schools have been filed challenging the mandate on religious liberty grounds.

Although the Department Health and Human Services (HHS) exempted churches from the regulation, the wave of litigation was spawned by the lack of clarity for religiously affiliated organizations and for-profit businesses owned by individuals whose religious beliefs fundamentally oppose contraception.

Rulings in the circuit courts have been mixed and contradictory, signaling an eventual return of the healthcare legislation to the Supreme Court – which previously upheld Obamcare’s individual mandate as Constitutional.