Legal experts conclude Illinois same-sex marriage bill worst in U.S. in protecting religious liberty

Experts in the law have concluded that the pending Illinois same-sex marriage bill would be the worst in the U.S. in protecting religious liberty.

Writing on behalf of legal experts from around the country, Thomas Brejcha, President & Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society, and Peter Breen, the firm’s Vice President & Senior Counsel sent a letter to Illinois state representatives today explaining the danger Illinois’ same-sex marriage bill (SB10) poses to individual religious liberty and freedom of conscience. The letter reads:Vintage_statue_of_liberty_by_r0bal-d36m1h8

Dear Representative:

We strongly encourage you to oppose Senate Bill 10, creating “same-sex marriage” in Illinois, because – in addition to other fatal flaws – the bill utterly fails to protect the religious liberty of Illinoisans. Law professors on both sides of the marriage issue agree that Senate Bill 10 provides the worst religious liberty protection of any same-sex marriage bill in the country.