Commentary – We have bloody hands and a guilty conscience

We have bloody hands and a guilty conscience.

Of all the Ten Commandments, number six is the only one that our nation has codified into law: “You shall not murder.”

Since 1973, legal abortions in America have taken the lives of 55 million people. If 55 million Americans died tomorrow, whoever led the genocide would not get a parade in celebration, bumper stickers in support, or be a viable candidate for political office.

Fifty-five million lives equals 17.5% of the country’s current population. It’s a number greater than the population of any state in the Union and greater than the population of 219 of the world’s countries, including South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Australia, Argentina and Canada. Fifty-five million is about the same as the population of the 25 smallest states and Washington, DC, combined.