Why should the ambulance hurry if you signed the Polst form? – Talk about stealth euthanasia

The following comes from an article written by Camille Giglio of California Life Advocates and sent to Cal Catholic on Nov. 9.

In 2008 the California legislature passed AB 3000, Health Care Decisions: Life Sustaining Treatment by then Assemblywoman and now state Senator, Lois Wolk,(D).

That bill was co-sponsored by (formerly named) Catholic Health Care West (now Dignity Health) and the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

Amendments to that bill succeeded in preventing the Polst form (Polst stands for Physicians Ordering Life Sustaining Treatment) from being authorized by the state but did authorize its sponsor, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California – CCCC, – full access to aggressive promotion of the form around the state. And, indeed it has been tremendously successful in obtaining acceptance and promotion from health groups, Hospice, religious groups, community organizations, the media, the film industry and even within some pro-life groups….

One newspaper reporter, using her position as the medical reporter to sell the Polst to the public has phrased it this way: “We all believe in natural child birth, why not natural death?”

The only problem with that is the Polst form does not bring about a natural death. It is a planned death, supported with legal force. The Polst is a tool for the CCCC to initiate its strongly held belief that human life has a utilitarian purpose and when that purpose, judged by the elitists is no longer useful, that that life costs the state too much money.