ObamaCore Badass teachers vs. the Gates millions

The following comes from a Nov. 20 story by Anne Hendershott on Catholic World Report.

The war over the Common Core-the new federal standards imposed upon public schools in 45 states as well as in more than 100 Catholic dioceses- escalated last week when a beleaguered Education Secretary Arne Duncan launched a personal attack on “white suburban moms who-all of a sudden-their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t as good as they thought…and that’s pretty scary.”

Defending (poorly) the Common Core at a meeting for state school superintendents, Duncan believed he was among friends since these school officials have been the biggest beneficiaries of federal largesse and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation money. But these same superintendents have been the target of a strong grass-roots protest over the Common Core standards. In fact, superintendents have been on the front lines battling with both parents and teachers over the implementation of the Common Core.