First they came prenatally for Down syndrome…

I speak frequently to large groups of students, families, and professionals about the silent eugenic movement against children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome, and I also write regular articles about this disturbing subject. I warn people that if the culture can identify, target and eliminate unborn children with Down syndrome at a 90%+ rate because they are viewed as “defective” then we should all ask who is next?

There has been a focus in parts of the Autism community to unlock the genetic code for this diagnosis, and I have cautioned that this could lead to the same type of prenatal slaughter unborn children with Down syndrome are experiencing.

As bioethicist Wesley Smith commented this week, “More boys than girls have autism, so now, an Australian IVF clinic will search out male embryos for destruction before implantation, e.g., sex selection.” Not surprisingly there has been a lot of comment.