Will You Be the Hands of Jesus? – A Good Samaritan to Seniors

If you hear the name “Miguel Alvarez,” what goes through your mind? Well, if you’ve ever seen the HBO television series “Oz,” you might think of a character with that name who was in a maximum security prison for assaulting an old man who accidentally scratched his car.

But thanks to a story I read online recently, I think about a far different kind of man. This Miguel Alvarez was in a kind of a facility, but it wasn’t a prison, and he was there willingly.

This Miguel Alvarez is a 33-year-old father who took a job as a janitor at the Valley Springs Manor Nursing Home in Castro Valley, California. A stay-at-home dad, Miguel accepted the low-wage job on October the seventh so he could buy Christmas presents for his kids. His friend, Maurice Rowland, a cook at Valley Springs Manor, helped him get the job.