Loyola University Chicago’s Student Newspaper Calls for Same-Sex Marriages to be Performed on Campus

The editorial board of The Loyola Phoenix, Loyola University Chicago’s student newspaper, is urging the Jesuit institution to allow same-sex marriages to be performed on campus as a way of honoring the university’s “Jesuit values of inclusion and social justice.”

Due to the upcoming change to Illinois’ same-sex marriage laws and unclear religious exemptions, Loyola University Chicago may be forced to accommodate same-sex marriage ceremonies in college-owned venues, which they occasionally rent out to the public.

The Phoenix wrote that Loyola’s current requirement for marriage ceremonies taking place on campus is only that they’re legally recognized by the state. With the new law having the state legally recognize same-sex marriages, Loyola’s current policy would allow for same-sex marriages to take place on many campus venues other than Madonna della Strada Chapel.