Abortion Advocates Intimidate Witnesses and Cover Up Contraception Scandal

A human rights defender is accusing abortion activists of intimidating witnesses to cover up lethal side effects and unethical medical trials of a long-lasting contraceptive injected in women in Africa.

Just before a scheduled hearing this week in the U.S. Congress that could lead to policy change in U.S. international family planning programs, Rebecca Project executive director Imani Walker, succumbeing to pressure from Planned Parenthood, seized the computer from one of the key witnesses, Rebecca Project policy director Kwame Fosu, and sent emails to congressional staffers announcing he had been terminated, Fosu told the Friday Fax in an exclusive interview.

According to Fosu, Walker’s actions were only the latest actions in the 3 years of attacks against him by “reproductive rights ideologues” since publishing reports exposing human rights abuses within family planning programs. Fosu is the author of Depo Provera: Deadly Violence Against Women.