Nelson Mandela’s Fruits and a Racist South Africa

Almost as instantly as the news broke that Nelson Mandela had died, the cable news networks – including Fox News – all kicked into high gear, paying incessant tribute to the deceased Communist hero. Much of the reverence for Mandela is quite politically correct in nature. Here was a black man who had been liberated after being jailed for three decades by a ‘white’ government. He then led the country that jailed him. It was “story book”, to quote Joe Biden, who once said of Barack Obama that he was an “articulate and bright and clean and nice looking guy”.

There is a myriad of problems with the elevation of Mandela; he was a leader within the South African Communist Party (SACP), despite his denials to the contrary. On the SACP website is the transcript of a speech Mandela gave at the “Rally to Relaunch the South African Communist Party”on July 29, 1990. At the time, Mandela was identified as the Deputy President (later President) of the African National Congress (ANC). Here are some excerpts from the speech:

We are here today to participate with you in the public launch of the Communist Party, 40 years after it was banned. We do this because during the nearly 70 years of its existence, the Communist Party has distinguished itself as an ally in the common struggle to end the racial oppression and exploitation of the black masses of our country. It has fought side by side with the ANC for the common objective of the National Liberation of people, without seeking to impose its views on our movement.