Catholics Join Common Core Protest

About 100 American Catholic dioceses, over half of the total, have adapted their school curricula to Common Core English and math standards. Parents, educators, and principals at some of these schools are voicing concern. As Common Core in public schools has increasingly attracted criticism, parochial schools are also calling the decision to switch to Common Core (CC) into question. Catholic parent groups are organizing to fight against CC implementation.

Cross and blackboard
Why would a system whose 8th-graders have led public-school 8th-graders by double-digit margins for 20 years on NAEP (the Nation’s Report Card) reading and math tests, and whose high school students graduate at a rate of 99%, with 84% going on to four-year colleges consider switching to Common Core? The National Catholic Education Association received a $100,000 grant from the Gates Foundation in September, proving that no one is immune from Gates’s influence. (, 11-5-13)